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Short Term Loans Offer You More Flexibility


If you have a short term financial problem that has left you needing assistance, we are more than happy to help. We believe that offering people as many options as possible is a positive thing and we aim to provide flexibility to as many people as possible. We are firm believers in responsible lending and we guarantee that we will provide you with a loan service that is tailored to your needs.

We know that many people need some assistance from time to time when bills come in out of the blue. Short Term Loans have become extremely popular in recent times and if you have been hit with a bill or charge, getting support is of great benefit. The thing is though; many people are not able to pay back the loan within one month or one pay day. This means that people are left with not being able to taking out a loan or being faced with the situation where they may be placing themselves at greater financial risk. This is not a situation that we are happy with which is why we are pleased to be able to offer a range of instalment and short term loans.

If you take one of these loans they work in the same manner as other loans apart from one crucial difference. Instead of having to pay the loan back within 14 or 30 days, an instalment short term loan is paid back over a number of months in equal instalments. Given that flexibility is crucial when it comes to finance, being able to spread out payments over a number of months is something that many people are very happy to take on board.

We are a responsible broker

We are committed to responsible lending and we aim to only forward you to responsible lenders that we are confident you will get a loan from. We are committed to providing a responsible loan service and we believe that our services are in your best interest.  We don’t want any of our clients to put themselves at risk by taking out an unnecessary or infeasible loan and our review and checking policy is all part of our promise to look after our clients.

Remember you are the customer. Without you they have no business!

We believe that transparency is a two way street and we are more than happy for you to do your research on us. We don’t believe in only offering you a single lender when it comes to payday loans and instalment loans. We offer a reliable support service and we are always happy to hear from our clients. 

It can be difficult to know if some brokers are working on your behalf or if they are working in a way to suit the loan firms or to raise most funds for themselves. Some brokers charge you a fee while others will take commission or receive a fee for placing you with a particular loan company. We try and ensure that we only work with responsible lenders who will treat you fairly and with the respect you deserve. We do not believe that it is right or fair that some brokers and direct lenders will charge an application fee, so please check that you are not being charged before applying or accpeting a loan.

We know that many people need assistance at certain times and that some loans are not suitable. If you need more time to pay off a loan, speak to the lender. We believe that paying back a loan in  equal instalments puts you firmly in control of your finances, which is always the best position to be in.

We encourage you to pay your loan off early if you can

One of the key benefits of the instalment style loans that we provide comes with the act that there is no penalty fee for paying off a loan early. We encourage clients to pay back a loan early if they are able to and to encourage this most lenders only charge interest to the date that the loan is live for. This means people who are not 100% certain about their ability to pay back a loan in the short term should consider taking out a longer loan with the lender.

If you take out a short term loan and default on the payment, your financial difficulties will grow and it may be that the situation becomes more difficult with every passing month. Taking a loan out over a longer period does mean that a higher sum of money is paid in total but with respect to meeting your payments and staying on track financially, this style of loan can be of benefit.

We really like it when a customer takes out an instalment loan rather than a payday loan. Payday loans are a bit old fashioned and can be quite a toxic loan as all the money borrowed, plus the interest needs to be paid back in one go, whereas an instalment loan allows the borrower to spread the repayments over a number of months and this keeps the monthly repayments down.

By William Stern

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk